School Learning Plan

Sa-Hali Secondary School Learning Plan

Our School Learning Plan outlines the priorities our staff have set out for our school. Social, academic and intellectual engagement are our priority areas of focus.

Today we live in a state of constant change. The world is technology rich, communication is instant and information is immediately accessible setting the stage for continual “live time” discussions. The Ministry’s “New Curriculum” has been redesigned to respond to the demands of the world that our students are entering. The key at SaHali Secondary is facilitating an education that is engaging, personalized and links to the school districts strategic plan. Student learning focuses on the core competencies that weave through all the subjects. It honors the ways students think, learn and grow and helps prepare them for success in a world that is constantly changing. As a result, a strong focus for Sa-Hali Secondary is the implementation of BC’s New Curriculum.

School Goals:

  1. To incorporate the core competencies in all grades so they manifest themselves uniquely in each discipline.
  2. To provide opportunities for students to deepen their understanding and personalize their learning through the strategies of PBL (Project Based Learning) and POL (Presentations of Learning).
  3. To create a welcoming and safe community for all.

At Sa-Hali Secondary School, we are committed to preparing students for the future by implementing BC’s new learner centered curriculum which focuses on literacy, numeracy and supporting deeper learning through competency driven approaches. (communication, critical thinking, social responsibility, creative thinking, personal awareness and cultural identity).

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