Course Selections

Below are the documents that students need to use when planning for course selection for a the school year. If students have any questions regarding their graduation program or their course selections, please connect with the school counsellors.

Course selections usually occur at school during February.  Students will complete course selection in MYEd BC.  Course selection on MYEd BC will be available until March 1st.  Any changes or selections that are required after March 1st will have to be done with the student's school counsellor.

Sa-Hali Secondary School Course Booklet - Grade 10 to 12 - 2020/2021

Sa-Hali Secondary School Course Booklet - Grade 8 and 9 - 2020/2021

 Graduation Planning

Ministry of Education - Graduation Policy Guide

Graduation Planner Document (for Gr. 10-12 to use for planning their graduation path)

Gr. 12 
 Gr. 12 Course Selection Planning Document
 Gr. 11
 Gr. 11 Course Selection Planning Document
 Gr. 10
 Gr. 10 Course Selection Planning Document

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