Vaping & Youth

Vaping among youth is widely recognized as a major public health concern that poses well documented health risks, most notably respiratory health concerns. The Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey outlined that an increased number of adolescents aged 15 to 19 reported vaping to reduce stress than in previous years. Coping with stress is the main reason for vaping by youth today (StatsCan, 2021). In this 1-hour session, we will share some tips and tricks for talking to young people about vaping. We will then outline healthy and unhealthy coping and discuss how to support young people in developing healthy coping strategies and in building connections.

Parent Engagement Session: October 25, 2023  6:00-7:00pm via ZOOM

 Title: Vaping and Youth: Why Connections Matter 

Presenters: Krista Lussier RN, MSN, CCNE & TRU Second Year Bachelor of Science in Nursing Students
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