Scholarships / Bursaries

Sa-Hali Secondary Scholarships and Bursaries

Please refer to our Scholarship Application Package for helpful information in applying for awards.

There are a number of scholarships and bursaries available for graduating students at Sa-Hali Secondary School.  Awards are based on a number of factors specific to the award students apply for.  Awards are given to students who excel in practical arts, fine arts, athletics and trades.  Students are encouraged to apply for as many awards as possible that are available to students in their graduating year.  Most applications are due at the beginning of May, however, their are a number of awards that have various due dates, some in the first semester, so please keep that in mind when applying for awards.

Applications for school based awards are due on the last Friday of April.  Please be aware that some national scholarships and university entrance awards are due in the first semester.  Students should visit websites for specific universaties they are applying to.

The Sa-Hali Secondary Awards Committee members make decisions on student recipients in May , and the selected recipients are announced during our commencement ceremonies in June.  Please contact your counselor in our student services department for more information on scholarships and bursaries at Sa-Hali Secondary School.

Some scholarship/bursary applications are available through the School District 73 website. 

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