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Sa-Hali Secondary Scholarships and Bursaries

Please refer to our Scholarship Information Package for helpful information in applying for awards.

There are a number of scholarships and bursaries available each year to graduating students at Sa-Hali Secondary. These awards may be: schooldistrict, ministry, or university-based, in addition to an extensive list of scholarships/bursaries offered by organizations either at a local, provincial, national or international level. Awards are not based solely on academics; some are intended to recognize students who excel in applied skills, fine arts, modern languages, athletics, trades and technology, community service, and indigenous language and culture.

 Students are reminded to pay close attention to daily school announcements regarding scholarships, and to ensure that their name is included on the graduating class list serve so they receive scholarship/bursary information in a timely manner throughout the year.

 We encourage graduating students to begin preliminary research of any scholarship and bursary opportunity they are interested in. In doing so, students should carefully observe any criteria associated to an award, and note all closing dates.  Most scholarship/bursary applications are due May 1st of each year, however, there are some award applications that are due as early on as October and November of the school year. Students should also consider visiting the websites of any universities they may be considering to check for financial support information.

Our Academic Advisors are dedicated to assisting graduating students with navigating, filtering, and organizing scholarship/bursary information, as well as assistance with application forms.

 Scholarship applications packages should be completed in full and accompanied by any additional requested information.

 Some scholarship/bursary applications are available through the School District 73 website.   Please be advised that the following scholarships are not available until March of each school year.

Click HERE        to access the Sa-Hali Secondary School Scholarship & Bursary Criteria & Application Form - (Interactive Form)

Click HERE        to access the School District No. 73 Kamloops/Thompson Scholarship & Bursaries Information Page

Click HERE        to access the District Authority Criteria & Application Form 

Click HERE        to access the Student Data Sheet for Reference Letters

Sa-Hali Secondary retains an Awards Committee who convenes in mid-May to select recipients of all school-based awards utilizing a fair and equitable process. Recipients of all known awards will be announced at graduation commencement ceremonies in June.


Please see the Scholarships and Bursaries Calendar below for information on current year scholarships and bursaries for graduating students.

More information on scholarships and bursaries can be found here.

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